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Being in the profession I am, I get a lot of questions from inquiring minds. Here are some of the most common ones...

Q. Is that your real hair?

A. Yes.


Q. How long have you been growing your hair?

Actual A. I don't grow my hair, it grows by itself.

A. I got a bad cut a few years ago and I never went back.

PS. I recently did find a stylist who trims my hair to keep it from growing to the floor.


Q. How long have you been playing piano?

A. I was playing songs by ear on my toy xylophone at age three and started piano lessons at age six. So a few years now...


Q. How many years did you take lessons?

A. 14, including college


Q. Do you still take lessons?

A. What are you saying?


Q. Is that really you playing?

A. Yes.

Or: Meaning...?

PS. In the land of Disney I guess this is a fair question as I could be a wax robotic figure. Or I could be a blonde "dummy" who sits there and fakes it. How sad would that be.


Q. Are you real?

A. (See above answer)


Q. How many songs do you know from memory?

A. Around 1,000


Q. What do you think about while you're playing?

A. I like to put "heart" into my music so I'm usually thinking of the technical aspects, the lyrics, or the feeling of the song I'm playing. Then there are the rare times I think, "Dear God, what am I doing, and what are these black and white things in front of me?"


Q. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A. I love you.


Q. Are you an angel?

A. Sometimes.


Q. Will you marry me?

A. This is all so sudden...

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